Carrying on from the previous post arguing that we cannot be in two places at the same time; that as we exist today, right now; ‘I AM’ ; then the trauma event didn’t happen to us, but a memory we are carrying for someone we care for. Talk therapy becomes a form of self sabotaging self harm; we end up honoring our abuser by doing their work for them, over and over again when we revisit or replay the events, and this is not right on any level!

welcome back to my blog, in the past posting I wrote about the concept that we cannot be in two places at once; that we are in fact carrying a memory of an event; an event that didn’t actually happen to us; who is only existing today, ‘I Am’.

The reality of this is we are performing a sabotaging self harming practice by revisiting this event.

We are powerless over the event and because we bring it into our present, it causes our lives, to become unmanageability.

At one time in our past, we suffered a horrible abusive event, we were robbed of our innocence. our hated abuser [that person ,place or thing] had complete power over us and took advantage of us. But now, we are bringing that event into our present?

We did so much to survive that event, that now we choose to do their work for them?

We decide to honor them and do their work for them , pay tribute to them?

We decide to worship them by inviting them into our present?

They are not here with us in this moment, so we volunteer to do their work for them .They could be in a different town, city, state or country. they could be incarcerated even dead. And here we are doing their dirty work for them. How insane is that??

Really, think about it, we did everything humanly possible to survive the traumatic event, and we did survive it, we were and are survivors!

We then choose to go or are sent to therapy.

The therapy suggested is to accept that we are the problem; how we coped; how we survived, is in reality the problem; that we should continue to relive the traumatic event, over and over again.

I mentioned earlier about winners and losers and once more this comes up. As far as I can make out the victim is not the winner in this scenario. The abuser [that person, place or thing] that causes us so much pain ,is honored and his work carried on for him. he doesn't even have to be in the room and his work is still happening. he is definitely a winner!

Those who make a living off our hurt and pain, who get something, some benefit out of keeping the abused, a broken victim, they are the only other winners too.

It is time we stopped this insanity, its not working; not helping those who suffer from past trauma memory; who continually are assailed by nightmares and flashbacks, to recover to live normal healthy lives.

We must start treating past trauma memory as a spiritual illness.

We must accept that, how victims survived their trauma event, is not mental illness, but they are success stories; their best efforts, using their basic survival instincts to stay safe and sane, enabled them to achieve that goal.

They are survivors, they may be ‘beaten down’, ‘on their last legs’, but they survived events that would have ‘floored an elephant’.

they are to be commended and not diagnosed mentally ill for surviving the event.

It’s time that they became the rightful winners . To be cleansed of these memories, to be freed from the past, to be able to live in today, solely for today. This should be the new goal of everyone involved.

I believe its time the mental health industry stood up and admitted they cannot treat ,fix or heal the past and accept it is a spiritual illness and promote the solution that it can be healed spiritually.

Remember please….. we are only meant to experience any one event, one time only.

Whatever you decide to do next, find a way to help the client outside of revisiting the event, that is a dead end!