The No.1 Reason Why It Is So Difficult For Persons, Who Suffered From Past Trauma, To Embrace a Spiritual Solution, Is The Belief, they were forsaken by Him..

When I experienced my trauma events, I felt as though I was let down by God, that He didn't care. How could He have left this happen to me and countless others. Having been baptized as an infant, surely that meant I was a cherished child of God & should have been protected. None of it made sense, and from then on, I became a Lost Wounded Soul.

And now, today finding myself attempting to share the truth with others, that there is a God, available to each and everyone of us today, to allow us to Cast Out Our Demons.

Now, not eloquent enough or an expert on God & Theology, but been fortunate enough to have been introduced to a wide variety of experts, writers and resources which helped me see the light, am going to share with you some of their daily messages, in the hope that you, like me and have a change of attitude and perspective about the embracing of a Spiritual Solution.

First up in the daily reflections of E Stanley Jones, with his book Abundant Living. This man, writes so simply that even myself, with such distorted thinking around what is helpful to me, can see the concept of such a Spiritual Solution that is God, The Holy Spirit & The Teachings of Christ; was the only way I would be able to Cast Out My Own Demons and know Peace Of Mind.

I needed the input and insight of someone who could speak to me as though to a child; to explain to me in the simplest reasoning why God has always been there; the HOW, WHY & WHERE of God within me; & how to tap into that on a daily basis.

GEN1:1–3 JOHN 1:1–5 MATT 28:20


Life can never be abundant unless it is from abundant resources. it is obvious that no organism can expend more in energy than it takes in from without. Just what does the ‘without’ consist of-human nature & human society only? Or is there a third dimension to ‘the within’ & ‘the around’- is there ‘an Above’? Many have decided that there is no ‘Above’-at least there is none they can contact, so they short-circuited life to the ‘within’ & ‘around’. But to their dismay, they find that the within & the around, instead of offering resources to abundant living, offer resistance to it- ‘the within’ is clashing with ‘the without’ is contradictory. The resources are in reverse, pulling the other way.

Someone has said “ If we haven't that ‘within’ us, which is ‘above’ us, we will soon yield to that which is ‘around’ us.” We become circumstance-conditioned &circumstance-fed,& grow weak and anemic on the fare. And if we turn within for our resources, we find the well is dry. Professor Hocking, speaking as a philosopher says: “Man comes up to a certain point& then finds he hasn't resources in himself to complete himself, so he remains incomplete & frustrated.” There ensure what an able & earnest young man said: “He had a sense of Cosmic Loneliness”.

I am not sure, [he continued], whether my doings have anything cosmic coming back to them, whether i am working with anything significant or just working meaninglessly alone, with no to back my work or care”.

‘An Atheist has been described as A Person Without Any Invisible Means of Support’

‘A Sense of Cosmic Loneliness’ -that is the Frigid Thought that Lays It’s Cold Hand on our Hopes & our Endeavors.

Can it be lifted & the sense of a Warm Loving Cosmic Presence , who is with us & for us, take it’s place? if so ,then that would hit the spot- the central spot. For if the central spot is empty & meaningless, then all life remains empty & meaningless with it. But, if the central spot is full and meaningful, then all of life turns meaningful with it.

O Warm Loving Cosmic Presence - if there be such a Presence in this inscrutable universe-help me as I begin this Quest for Thee & Thy Resources. I shall need Thy Help even to inspire me to begin the Quest, for I am not sure at all that Thou are there. I am only sure of this - that something beyond myself, ought to be there. So I Begin! Help Me! Amen.




I have created a 4 step program to teach individuals how to process, heal & release any past trauma memory, nightmares and flashbacks, safely & non-intrusively

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I have created a 4 step program to teach individuals how to process, heal & release any past trauma memory, nightmares and flashbacks, safely & non-intrusively

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