The Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Recovery Program, has to be The Greatest Gift to Mankind of The 20th Century

4 min readMar 9, 2022


Look at the millions of people suffering from seemingly hopeless state of mind & body, restored to sanity, through this simple program. A set of steps based on Spiritual Principles, offering a solution unlike no other.

This program can & has been tailored to all forms of addictions, and behaviors with great success. Therefore, it also makes great sense to employ such a simple spiritual program to combat Past Trauma Memories, commonly referred to as PTSD.

The first three steps outline a very powerful foundation going forward, empowering one to realize we are never alone; that others will happily walk this path with us[there being countless resources to call upon]; & the willingness and open-mindedness to accept that we are all God’s children.

The 1st step of the program talks about our Powerless and Unmanageability around our Addiction, Condition or Behavior.

Place your hands on The BIG BOOK & THE 12 STEPS& TRADITIONS . Whilst reading about the 1st step, replace the word, Alcohol with your Past Trauma Memory or PTSD , or a phrase that can represent the past event without triggering you ; darkness - storm - alone - lost; a word that for you works.

The Goal of this step:

‘the spiritual awakening that we are powerless over all of our past, and when we bring it into the present it causes disturbance and disruption in almost every area of our life’

We also are introduced to the vital importance of complete Abstinence; Accepting we cannot alter or change any past event and as such ruminating on such things, interferes with our daily living, which is hard enough as it is, without confounding our senses with past pain, hurts & regrets.

Admittance & Acceptance are the key ingredients to laying a solid foundation for one to Process, Heal and Release their Past Trauma Memory or PTSD.

But this is a journey we have to start alone; we wont be alone for long; but by embracing the concept that each of us have to let go of the past, in order that we can live fully in the present. This can be very challenging, especially if one has been led to believe that they are broken victims rather than Strong Survivor Warriors.

Embracing this first step, each of us, learn there is life after any past event; that the event that happened, didn't happen to us, rather it happened to a someone we care about, a past aspect of ourselves, a younger version of us.

This new found knowledge leads us to a better understanding of the error we made in the attempt to heal a wrong done to another. No-one on this earth, has the ability to carry the pain of another-it’s impossible, madness to try! By embracing this 1st step fully, we are awakened to a new lease of life. The God-Given Right, to let go of the past, without guilt or shame and to focus all our energies on living this day, the present with Joy, Hope & Purpose.

Over the coming weeks, it is my intention to expand on the following 11 steps, as they might pertain to Past Trauma Memories and PTSD from my perspective.

I pray you will be open-minded enough to take this journey with me.

It’s time to take back our own well-being, mental, physical, emotional & spiritual ,with the dormant courage and will we each have in abundance, hidden within each of us.

Remember, when we embrace these steps we go from being broken victims to Healing Wounded Survivor Warriors & no-one can take that from us. Our path we travelled validates this new reality.

If you have support or know another who walks your path, invite them to work with you; team up as you might a study group.

Supporting & encouraging each other.

Your therapist might know of another client who would benefit taking these steps with you.

Know that in the beginning of AA ,the founders had to find their own way, as with all newer 12 step groups, the early pioneers needed to work together, in order that they would one day become the elder statesmen & women to forge a path of recovery for those who would follow.

In taking up this challenging invitation to heal, you are helping future generations you might never meet.

We all have a purpose for being on this earth, there is more to life & living that living and dying, its all about expressing love, forgiveness and gratitude into our daily lives.

What better way than healing from your past & making a difference in the present, one day at a time, one moment at a time.

This is the God-Given birthright of every person, to be free of the past and abundantly live in the present, free of demons, free of nightmares & flashbacks. But others cannot give us this gift, it is something spiritual that we have to grasp with both hands. We can help each other find the path and even guide others to the path, but its down to each person to take this path with open-mindedness and willingness, setting aside old beliefs and prejudices.

Take a chance & drop into an open fellowship in your area; listen to the message firsthand; learn how others use these steps for their spiritual illness.

Take back ownership & control of your own mental, emotional, physical & most importantly, your spiritual well-being.




I have created a 4 step program to teach individuals how to process, heal & release any past trauma memory, nightmares and flashbacks, safely & non-intrusively