If You Want What We Have….Freedom from PAST TRAUMA MEMORIES…Then Do What We Do!!

The Success of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, in enabling millions of people, suffering from all sorts of conditions, be restored to a healthy mind and body, is strong enough reason, why it can be applied to the treatment of Past Trauma Memories or for those diagnosed with PTSD.

Nowadays, as 12 step programs as so widely and freely available, the onus on embracing the program in one specific manner, as originally laid out, has led to the program been watered down, in my opinion.

The early pioneers of AA & other subsequent programs, know to get their programs established, they must crash course their 12 step programs as quickly as possible.

A big part of this led to that passage in the Big Book that goes

“If you want what we have and are willing to take certain steps…..”

One of the unsung heroes of the early days of carrying the message of recovery in AA ,was a chap called Clarence Snyder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXderURNwuE

who was an advocate of

“ I don’t want what you have, you want what I have”

The attitude, that how you are dealing with the challenges in your life, aren't working; if they were; you wouldn’t be here, or you would be in my shoes, up here on this stage telling me the secret of how to live life with Joy, Hope & Purpose.

I've included the YouTube link to this chap holding center stage and explaining how he took the steps, and as was his way and knowing the dire need to help others as quickly as possible, he would take other sufferers through the 12 steps over two days. Nowadays, newcomers to 12 step programs are told to take their time and maybe do one step a month.

For me, this would have been a death sentence, I found an old timer to take me through the steps as simply as possible ,which in my experience was 3 steps a week for 4 weeks.

Over the past few blog posts I have expressed how the 12 step foundation of AA, can be used for sufferers of Past Trauma Memories or those diagnosed with PTSD, can enable such a person to undergo a personality change to free them from their nightmares, flashbacks, demons and triggers.

tackling the Big Book alone can be a daunting challenge, & and so, I wish to share a wonderful resource with you and that is, the phone app you can buy called:

Joe & Charlie.

These two old timers take us through the whole of the Big Book. Not only that, but we get the added benefit of their own journeys shared as they read each chapter. I suggest you jump ahead to the chapter of steps 6 & 7, sharing what recovery is like for all of us who implement the program into our lives; a simple plan for daily living, and freedom from victimhood. then go back to the chapter on ‘We Agnostics’, to better understand why it feels so right to embrace a real concept of God and The Power of His Miracles.

With this knowledge to the forefront of our minds, hearts and souls; we return to the beginning of the app and start hearing the whole book. when it comes to recovery from alcohol addiction.

I'm all for starting at the beginning, but tackling Past Trauma Memories, PTSD, Nightmares & Flashbacks & Triggers; it is my personal belief and advice to do it as outlines above.

For those of us who have suffered Past Trauma Events, we have little trust in others and little to no trust in a God who many of us feel cannot actually exist, having let what happened to each of us happen.

It’s time to set aside all old beliefs and prejudices, and simply embrace God and His Miracle Cleansing of our Demons Promise for ourselves, not for others, but solely for each of us who wants this Cleansing Miracle.

The bonus will be that others will gain through our actions.

But there is more, we also benefit from other old timers who share their experience ,strength and hope.

This app is a life changer, might I suggest you partner up with a fellow suffers from your support group, a family member or friend. If none available, see if your therapist would be open to implementing these ideas into your recovery.

Please partner with someone of your own sex, to help you both maintain focus on the goal.

At the end of the day, we come to realize we are not mentally ill; we dislike being ruled and defined by our emotions; the idea that although we are only alive today, in these 24 hours; events that happened to younger versions of our selves, that we have no power over and cause many areas of our lives to fall apart and become unmanageable; are no longer our business or responsibility.

It’s time to take back control of our lives through the only spiritual solution that has been proven to work!

we choose to no longer be victims, but wounded warrior survivors!!



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I have created a 4 step program to teach individuals how to process, heal & release any past trauma memory, nightmares and flashbacks, safely & non-intrusively